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Comvelopes play a key role in Trusted Security Solution's A98 system for ATMs that are not "remote key" enabled. These tamper-evident documents provide random values for initial key establishment at the ATM location. Comvelopes are produced in batches, printed, folded, and sealed as a service from Trusted Security Solutions. Before they are distributed to the ATM sites and or to the servicers, the random numbers used in the Comvelopes are encrypted and stored onto the A98 database.

Inside a Comvelope

The bottom panel of each comvelope contains a 32 character random number and its associated key check value. Upon opening a random Comvelope, the 32 character value is entered into the ATM to provide half of the information needed to produce a key; two comvelopes produce the information needed to produce a complete key. The key check value for the random number is provided at the bottom of the panel.

The middle portion of the Comvelope contains the VRU phone number and instructions for the ATM servicer to use when reporting back to the A98. Each has a "Comvelope ID" which identifies the random numbers used to the A98 system. The actual random number is not reported, just this reference ID. Using this reference, the A98 retrieves the random numbers from the database and builds the same key that now resides in the ATM.

Since a comvelope is not assigned to any specific ATM until it is opened and used, no security issues surround its distribution or storage. Comvelopes can be stored at the site location, or with the servicer, or even in the back of the ATM.

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