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The A98 product is a complete hardware-software solution. The A98 hardware comes in a rack-mounted format with built-in access control with an external lock.

The system unit is a Windows Server 2008 OS with a RAID1 storage system having two mirrored hard drives and a hot spare. The A98 Solution includes a cryptographic adapter from SafeNet®, an integrated voice response card, integrated rack rails, multiple network adpaters, and IPMI

Disaster Recovery
The A98 solution includes redundant, mirrored hard drives to assure continued operation in the event of a single hard drive failure. Upon a failure, the system automatically begins using the mirrored drive and starts to mirror to the hot spare. Later, the defective drive is replaced by TSS per the maintenance agreement and a utility is run to synchronize the new drive and restore the hot spare to its original state. USB ports are available as a mechanism to install patches and updates and potentially be used for off-site back up data storage if desired.

Potential disaster recovery plans are:
1. Utilize the standard A98 backup features only. Since initial key loading is not a mission critical application, in a disaster event, re-keying would be done manually (as today) and the exception logged. After recovery, any manually re-keyed ATMs (if done in a non-compliant manner) would be re-keyed using the restored A98. If the A98 unit is rendered inoperable, a replacement unit from TSS could be provided within 30-days or sooner.

2. A redundant A98 unit, at a Disaster Recovery site. Since this backup unit is a duplicate of the primary system, it is fully operational in the case of a disaster.

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A98 Deliverables:

  • A98 System unit and all programming
  • Initialization diskettes and passwords
  • Comvelopes and Servicer IDs
  • Installation and training
  • 90 days of initial support
  • Annual 24x7 or 12x5 Service Agreement (Maintenance)

The A98 comes in 7 models, based on the number of ATMs serviced:

A98-125       125 ATMs
A98-250       250 ATMs
A98-500       500 ATMs
A98-1K         1,000 ATMs
A98-5K         5,000 ATMs
A98-10K       10,000 ATMs
A98-32K       32,000 ATMs

Upgrade options are available for installed units.


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