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  • A98 brings your ATMs into compliance with Unique Initial Key requirements

  • Requires no ATM changes

  • Is compatible with all ATMs

  • Avoids traditional logistics problems associated with key management

  • Keeps detailed audit reports on all ATM key activity

  • Key Management activity and initiation available at your desk via eHelpDesk

The A98 Comvelope method of establishing a unique key per ATM avoids the management of a large number of key components or specific keys and fully supports the latest Triple-DES requirements. Comvelopes are anonymous tamper-evident documents each containing a 32 hex character random number.

Instead of generating a key and then splitting it into components, or generating components and assigning the components to a specific key, the components are created at the time the contents of two randomly selected Comvelopes are entered into the ATM and are combined inside the ATM to form a unique key. Immediately after entry, destruction of the Comvelopes ensures no cleartext components exist anywhere.

A control number identifying each Comvelope is communicated to a Tamper Resistant Security Module (TRSM) where the contents of the Comvelope, stored encrypted by the Master Key of the TRSM, are combined within the TRSM to form the same key that was established in the ATM.

With the A98 "Remote Key Module", The A98-R automates both the generation and distribution of cryptographic keys for ATMs. The A98-R is compatible with ATMs that use RSA-enabled encrypting pin-pads (EPPs). The A98-R delivers random master keys in full compliance with ANSI and PCI Security standards and with network mandates for and unique keys per ATM.

By integrating the Remote Key Module into the conventional A98 platform, Trusted Security Solutions continues to lead the industry by providing the most efficient, compliant and cost-effective key establishment solution for all ATMs. The A98-R system not only fully automates key distribution for public key-enabled ATMs, but also simultaneously supports single and triple-DES key loading for legacy ATMs.

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