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Trusted Security Solutions is constantly at the task of simplifying the implementation of remote key loading for ATMs. From these efforts the A98-D was born. With the A98-D, much of the expense and complication previously surrounding the task of remote key has been reduced.

Along the same lines, the use of multivendor middleware in ATMs is on the rise. Non-native ATM software increases the complexity in automating ATM key management. Every ATM manufacturer has their own unique remote key protocol. The different ATM remote key protocols fall either into a Certificate Base Protocol (CBP) or a Signature Based Protocol (SBP) category. However, without exception, no two ATM manufacturer’s protocols are alike. In other words, one ATM manufacturers CBP protocol is not the same as another ATM manufacturer’s CBP protocol and CBP protocols are fundamentally different from SBP protocols.

Examples of multivendor middleware software resolved by using A98-D are the following:
- NCR’s Aptra® in use on Diebold and Hyosung ATMs
- Wincor-Nixdorf’s ProCash® in use on Diebold and NCR ATMs

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