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EPP Validation and Automated Rekey Scheduling
The most recent security standards require that ATM owners know the EPP’s that they are remotely keying. To this end the A98 allows you to preload in the A98 ATM records an EPP ID serial number (EPPID Lookup) for each ATM. During the A98-R remote key process, the EPPID Lookup value will be compared to the value of the serial number being transmitted to the A98-R as standard protocol. A98 owners optionally may configure the A98-R process to “override” the EPP ID conflict, key the ATM, and report the disparity of the EPP IDs, or it can be configured to reject the EPP ID, report the conflict, and not key it.

Certain TSS customers have an interest in changing the ATM initial key on a regular schedule. The A98 has the ability to configure ATMs in groups, large or small, and to have the A98 rekey the ATMs within those groups on a schedule established by the customer.

For more information about the EPP ID validation or Automated Rekey Scheduling, please contact for more information.

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