ANSI Standard X9.24, Retail Key Management, requires each PIN encryption device to contain a unique key. Many organizations that drive ATMs mistakenly assume that downloading a unique key encrypted by a manually loaded key that is global in scope or is not secret, is compliant with standard X9.24. However the initial key must also be unique as well as secret.

Providing a unique initial key per ATM is a particularly difficult task due to the complexity of the required key management procedures. Traditional methods, which focus on the control of individual key components, require large numbers of key custodians making them cumbersome and inefficient. Institutions that have attempted to gain compliance by securely generating keys at the host location, splitting them into components, and distributing these to the ATMs, quickly realize the logistical complexities and costs of manual key processes.

The A98 solution avoids all of these problems and provides an easily implemented and non-intrusive method to achieve compliance to ANSI and PCI Security standards, and network operating rules. With the A98 there are no more non-compliant global keys, no more time-consuming generation of key components, no more waiting to get key packages sent to the ATM site, no more manual audit logs.

The Trusted Security Solutions A98 ATM Key Establishment, having both the Comvelope and Remote Key solutions in one system to establish unique keys in the ATMs, offers ATM owners assurance that all of their ATMs start out with compliantly generated and delivered unique 3DES initial keys!


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