20 Years of Innovation in Cryptographic Key Management 


Trusted Security Solutions, Inc. is founded as a North Carolina Corporation.  The first version of the A98 ATM Initial Key Management System is designed, developed and marketed to provide compliance for the “unique key per ATM” VISA mandate of that year (Aug 1998).


Patent # 6,606,387 related to the Secure Establishment of Cryptographic Keys is filed with the US Patent Office.  The approved patent (2003) is the basis for the “Comvelope™” symmetric key loading process for the A98 System.  The A98 System quickly becomes and remains the industry standard for ATM symmetric key loading.

First customer installation (Navy Federal Credit Union – who remains a valued customer today)


TSS announces and delivers the Level II A98 System.  Key features of the Level II A98 are use of the Eracom ProtectServer Blue crypto facility and addition of the eHelpDesk http: application.  TSS installs its first international placement at Link Financial Services in the United Kingdom.  The ACI BASE24™ interface is developed.


With the addition of EDS’s CNS Division (now FISERV EFT), TSS places A98 Systems in the majority of the USA’s largest ATM financial processors and becomes the keying source for over 600,000 ATMs.


TSS is first to market with a remote key loading solution (A98 Remote Key) for Diebold and NCR ATMs using public key cryptography.  This same year, TSS completes a key exchange interface with the Mosaic Postilion host ATM driving solution.


TSS Comvelope™ sales reach over 1 million.  TSS introduces the A98-C Card  Services Module.


TSS increases its international presence with A98 installations in Guam, South America, and Slovakia.  TSS introduces the A98-KD Key Decomposition Module and Level III systems.


TSS “goes direct” with A98-D Direct and A98-D Indirect interfaces that allow more FIs and switches to adopt the A98 Remote Key solution.  TSS Installs the A98 at Grupo Banorte, Mexico City for both Comvelopes™ and remote key loading applications.


TSS installs the A98 Remote Key solution in South Africa at ABSA Bank to service ABSA owned ATMs in 12 different countries.


TSS partners with Interpro Technologies and CR2 to provide remote key loading capabilities to their customers.


TSS installs A98 solutions in Melbourne, Australia with ANZ to serve ATMs in 14 Asian and Pacific Rim countries.


TSS announces Level IV System and completes certification on remote key loading for Hyosung, Wincor/Nixdorf, and Triton ATMs.


TSS releases A98 software version 5.8 with support for Diebold’s PCI PTS 3.0 EPP7 and NCR’s PCI PTS 3.0 EPP3. GRG ATMs are certified for remote key loading on the A98 platform.


TSS installs A98 System for major financial switch in Dubai.

Based on the reported number of ATMs in the USA, it is estimated that more than 70% of all USA ATMs using symmetric key loading techniques use Comvelopes™ as the source of their initial master file key*.


TSS offers hardware cryptographic support for mobile wallet applications as well as a comprehensive initial key and PIN encryption key injection solutions for self service banking kiosks.

    * Calculation based on latest data on number of ATMs in the USA and 2017 ATM software licensing data from TSS.


TSS adds Key Block Integrator, an end-to-end solution to diagnose and recommend changes to become PCI compliant.