Trusted Security Solutions stands at the forefront of the remote key management industry, providing encryption and security products that enable our customers to remotely load cryptographic keys in a compliant, secure, and efficient manner.  Our products support key loading for ATMs, Kiosks, and certain other devices regardless of the combination of hardware, device software, and middleware involved.  The complexity of communication RKL protocols grows daily at an increasing rate.   Choosing the right remote key loading partner has never been more important than it is now.

For ATMs and other devices that don’t support remote key management, TSS’s patented Comvelope™ solution, known in the ATM industry as the “gold standard” key management solution, provides the most cost effective and compliant means for automating the component key loading process. 

The flexibility of our product line means we adapt and create hardened solutions quickly, alleviating the burden for Financial Institutions, Independent Service Organizations, and Financial Processors, by helping them provide the best and most reliable service to their customers.